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I have been involved in Paul’s Boot Camp since June 2012. It has helped me tremendously both physically and mentally. Not only do I look better, I feel better! I have more energy, less headaches and look at my eating habits differently. I went from counting calories, limiting my body of nutrition it needed to eating more, but more foods that help my body. Paul has been a great inspiration and an awesome boot camp instructor. His knowledge on how to fuel our bodies and work our muscles has changed my whole view on what Health is. Generally, women are programmed to look at the number on the scale and count the calories and that was me. I had a terrible image of myself and disliked everything about me going into this program. Now I can tell you I am proud of myself. It is still hard work to this day but I FEEL GREAT! My hard work and Paul’s dedication has helped me meet my fitness goals. I am doing boot camp exercises that I would have never dreamed of doing. I can do a wall handstand push-up……..burpees used to scare me, not any more, now I say bring it on, Paul!

I have attached a couple pictures to show before and after.
The 1st picture is of me before the Boot Camp program and the 2nd picture is of me 2 months after starting the boot camp program. I look at these two pictures and see two different people. I now see a stronger woman, inside and out. I have more goals set for myself and
it’s no longer how low the numbers on the scale are.

Thank you Paul, I am truly grateful!!!!!!

before  after


I started boot camp May 2012 in Crandon and still participate to this day. I started because it seemed interesting and with two kids, I could use some me time and some shaping up. I was hooked instantly. It drove me to do more so I started running to boot camp from home, about 4 miles. I was doing anywhere from 10 to 15 miles in a week along with boot camp for the summer of 2012. Paul has motivated me push myself to my limits and I find myself succeeding. It is an incredible feeling of accomplishment and drives me to do more. Paul’s boot camps have become an addiction for me, which who could ask for something better to be addicted to?

I would recommend boot camp to everyone from those who have never worked out in their life to those who work out on a regular basis. I don’t think you realize how much stronger you could be or how far Paul can take you until you start with day one.

–Ashley Jaeger



Hi, my name is Leslie Meyer and I am 51 years old.  I got to know Paul Lamon when I attended his first Crandon Fitness Bootcamp in May of 2012.  Paul has impacted so many lives in our area that this first class grew to many more.  Paul offers something for every age and fitness level.  At 51 I feel that I am in better shape then I was in my 30’s and 40’s.  Paul keeps you motivated and wanting to get fit.  He pushes us everyday to become the best that we can be.  I leave Bootcamp full of energy and feeling like there is nothing that I can not do.  I can not wait until he has a gym in Crandon.  Our town is ready for this type of business as evident by the number of Bootcamps and personal training sessions Paul has here.
Thanks Paul for all that you do.
–Leslie Meyer

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