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The Gym

Paul Lamon has been training people in multiple locations throughout Northern Wisconsin, for many years.

After serving two tours in Iraq, playing various sports in high school and competitive bodybuilding during college, Paul has amassed quite a lot of training in fitness, motivation, dedication and realizes that while working out is hard work, it can also be fun!

After building the a strong client base in the Crandon area, Paul realized there was a real need for quality equipment and a clean environment to work in.  He has since acquired, remodeled and opened his gym.   The 1700 square foot gym features a cardio-machine area, dumb bells of all sizes, box jumps, free weights with bumper plates that allow you to perform Olympic lifts, an assisted dip and pullup machine, and a cable machine.

At Out of the Box Fitness you will never be told that you are lifting “too hard” “too loudly” or that Chalk is prohibited.

From Paul:

“I wanted an environment where people feel comfortable to workout and be able to perform the exercises necessary to achieve their goals.

I believe in using free weights and traditional lifts that build real world muscle and not rely on a machine to push me a pre-determined path .
In addition we have a fitness area where there is plenty of room for abs, cardio workouts, boot camp classes, karate lessons, Zumba etc. This area is great for working on mobility and recovery also.
The gym features mens and ladies lockers rooms, showering facilities.

However, this isn’t a globo gym, this is a place where you will quickly learn everyone’s name and there will be staff on hand during the day to assist you if you have questions. We also have a key card system that lets you workout 24 hours a day!”

If you are wishing you were in better shape, thinking about starting a fitness program, going on a tropical vacation, or wanting to workout as a way a life, we have what you are looking for.

Stop wishing, and join today.